Katahdin Sheep

Katahdins are a hair sheep breed developed in the United States. Being a hair sheep means that they do not produce any wool. Instead they have a thick hair coat that sheds off every spring. There are some lines that do not fully shed and have what looks like a Viking coat on for most of the year. This can be removed by using clippers or shears. 

Katahdins are used as a meat breed. We take reservations for freezer lambs every year. However in 2021, Red was purchased as a breeding ram. He comes from both a meat and a show line. In 2022, Emmett was shown at the Katahdin National Show at NAILE in Louisville, Kentucky. He is the first home grown show sire for Cheshire Moon Farms, and brought home 5th place at Nationals in the January Ram Lamb class. And for it being our first time in the ring at a National show we are very impressed. We have been impressed with his lambs as well.

We are looking forward to a future in both the commercial and show worlds with our Katahdins. If you have any questions about Katahdins please check out the KHSI (Katahdin Hair Sheep International) website: https://katahdins.org/ 

Semen is also available for sale from Red. Emmett will be collected soon as well. We will have lambs available in March after our show prospects have been chosen from the group.

Individual Sheep Introductions coming soon!!!