Cheshire Moon Farms Pure Diva
AKA "Diva"

Hi. I’m Diva! I’m one of MJ’s daughters here on the farm. I was a quad and mom kept me and my sister Precious. We are both polled, which means we were born with no horns. Our sister Mini was adopted by a family friend, who has those small human things that come over, “grandkids” or something. Anyway, Precious and I got to stay with our mom. Even though mom supplemented us with bottles when we were little I always preferred momma MJs milk. And I would run away from anyone with a bottle. Dad chased me one day when mom was gone, I ran just ahead of him for like 15 min. It was so funny! I do faint, just not for dad. 

Anyway, it isn’t that I don’t like humans, I do. I just want to do everything on my time. And I HATE fainting. I will yell, I’m not in pain. No it is just degrading to fall and get dirty, so usually I will try to balance on all fours when I stiffen. We don’t actually “faint” you know, like we don’t “black out”. We just can’t relax our muscles if we get startled, but I learned if I stay stressed I don’t have to faint! It’s a really cool loophole. It also helps that MJ is a Level 1 fainter. That means she’s a myo that doesn’t actually fall over or stiffen. It is quite handy to have those genetics.

I’m pretty much the smartest out of the whole herd. Mom told me that the reason I was kept was not because of my smarts though, those came later. I was kept because I was growing so akwardly, like I looked weird to her or something for a very long time. I’ve always been gorgeous so I don’t know what her problem is. But I’m still here and pretty bonded to MJ and Precious. My older sister Pepper is pretty ok too but she’s bossy. 

Well that’s me. If you could possibly send some marshmallows my way I’d really appreciate it.