Cheshire Moon Farms Precious Angel
AKA "Precious"

Hi. I’m Precious. Ummm… mom said I should introduce myself to you. I’m pretty much the sweet goat everyone wants. I am at the bottom of the pecking order and I don’t fight with anyone. But I will sit in your lap and chew cud for as long as you’d like to sit with me. I’m not really pushy, I find that not helpful for anyone. Mom takes me to most petting zoos because I’m very low key, and not much in your face like Moo and Popsicle. I’m much easier for babies and toddlers to deal with because I don’t mind people petting my backside while I munch. But I do love treats so will eat them nicely from small humans.

I learned from Popsicle that humans like being booped with my nose. Mom calls them kisses I think. When I was little there were 4 of us, so mom supplemented us with a bottle. I loved them, so did Mini. But Mini and our brother went to other homes. Mom was planning on just keeping me but Diva got to stay too. Mainly because she looked funny, even though she won’t admit to it.

I spend a lot of time with mom, and this year will be my first year having babies of my own. I’m pretty excited. Mom is a little worried but I think it will all work out fine. If you would like to see my babies be sure to follow us on my mom’s tiktok thingy. I know she will post lots of videos.

And if we get the new place you can come see me! Hooves crossed because I love going new places and seeing new things!