Cheshire Moon Farms Pepper Ann
AKA "Pepper"

Hello. I’m Pepper.

I’m the daughter of MJ and the second home grown doe to stay at the farm. Mom is always saying I’m a little spicy. I’m not a huge fan of attention, just food. I’ll avoid mom at all costs, unless my babies are involved. However, if mom has a bucket I will purposely try to knock her over. I really don’t care about humans other than they bring me food. I’m not even really one for snacks, except for pumpkins. I do boss around the other goats, I learned that from my mom. You won’t find me terribly far from her. Last year I co raised my twins with her triplets, until it got too crazy for a while. Mom stepped in and separated us, apparently I was headbutting everyone, not just MJ’s kids. Oops. Once we were separated I calmed down a lot.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate mom. I just have no inkling to sit and be pet unless there is a bucket of the GOOD grain in front of my face. I will eat other grain and some snacks, but I am the least likely to be tricked into being caught with snacks. Now mind you I am also probably in the best shape of everyone here. A girl has to watch her figure you know. But because of my markings, my half mustache and the black around my udder, everyone pays major attention to me and wants mom to take pictures when I’m pregnant. NO WAY! I refuse to be photographed when I feel like a blimp. Seriously, its degrading. She even chases me with her phone when I am just grazing the pasture. I mean seriously, no one needs to see me this big its humiliating! She says baby bumps are beautiful too, I’ll have to take her word for it.

Mom is pretty convinced I’m going to “pull an MJ” and have triplets this year. I really hope she’s wrong. Anyway, she says I’m getting bolder and coming closer. But I am just as bold as always. I just do not care for pets any more than the barn cats. Seriously, why are humans so handsy?

Anywho, nice to meet you. Thanks for listening to my rant. I’ve gotta run, mom’s coming.