D6005 Hawkeye Farms MJ OUR

Hello! My name is MJ. I am the Myotonic that started my mom’s obsession with our breed. I am 5 currently and have had the most babies out of ANY of the goats on this farm. I tend to have triplets or quads, just to keep my mom on her toes. My mom has kept 3 of my daughters. Not just because she wants me to be happy, but also because she is always impressed by the kids I produce. My daughter Pepper Ann has made me a gma twice! First with a single, then twins. My mom is pretty sure she’s going to keep having multiples like me.

I have the most attitude and capacity than any other goat on the property. I used to want to be in charge but for the past few years I’m happy with my place near the top of the pecking order. I have no qualms about headbutting anyone who makes me mad, but most just know to bow their head and get out of my way. I am very excited to surprise my mom with kids next month. But she did say she might peek with an ultrasound to see how many I’m hiding. 

I am very content and just love being around my mom. I’ll skip the pets and kisses, but I will always be close by. I always confound the vet when they try to take belly pictures. I will probably be retiring after this year and just be a petting zoo goat. I love kids with snacks they are the best. Anyway. If you guys have questions about my babies please let my mom know