Carlson WP1
AKA "Grace"

Hey Guys! It is super awesome to meet all of you! I’m Grace. Obviously…

Anyway I just wanted to take a second to introduce myself, well because mom said I have to. But I also like meeting new people, just in case they have snacks. I am not one who likes a whole bunch of attention, but I will knock you down if their are snacks involved. I will even smile for a cookie. I don’t mind but mom LOVES it. She says I have the best smile!

I am one of the most responsible goats here! I never go very far without my kids or my best friend Faith. Sometimes I even have to go back so Faith doesn’t forget her kids. Mom said I had too big a kid last year and asks that I tone it down for this year. Apparently 7lbs is too big… who knew! I was fine with it and had no issues. Mom named him Thor, and he went to a very nice family. It was also the first year I threw a kid that wasn’t black and white. Mom is hoping I do it again, but smaller. Apparently I’m just an overachiever. 

I’m hoping to surprise mom again this year, maybe I’ll cook up 2 big kids. My mom is actually really cool. She spoils me when I ask because I’m cute. Also because I’ll come when called… mostly. Occasionally I like to keep mom on her toes and make things a little more fun for me.

Anyway that is a little about me. If you have any questions let mom know. She’s really good about details and stuffs. Snack at ya soon.