Hey Guys! I’m one of the misfits here at the farm. I’m actually a full blood Savannah goat! But looking at me you’d never guess it. It is because I have a form of Dwarfism! Isn’t that cool?! My mom and dad were normal sized Savannahs, and my siblings grew to be normal size as well. I just didn’t grow that well. I’m about 100lbs less than Savannahs usually are, and super short. Like Myo short. Seriously! 

It has never stopped me and I have been able to have babies and everything. Mom says I’m a special case. Usually, the Savannah genes would make my babies too big to have, but since my boyfriends have all been Myos the babies are just small enough to manage.  But they do grow super fast! I have no problem with that though. Last year I had a red girl with blue eyes! So I’m always throwing genetic coolness in my kids.

My mom raised me because my bio mom didn’t want me, probably because I was different and so much smaller than my sister. I have never let my size slow me down and hanging with the Myos I fit right in because they are the same size! I’m not super different when I am with them, except my ears are floppy. 🙂

Anyway I love going to petting zoos and meeting new people. I love sharing my differences because, well differences are so cool! If you have any questions please let my mom know! She’s different too actually.