Cheshire Moon Farms Reba
AKA "Reba"

Ok, so I have to do this quick before the human comes back. I’m Reba. I’m Millie’s daughter. I’m currently 3 years old. I am not a human fan, at all. That might be because every time I am around them I fall over. I am a Level 6 fainter, so I will faint at almost anything scary. And EVERYTHING IS SCARY! 

I usually have a single buckling every year. I take care of them for a week, then I let the human mom take them. I really have no inkling to take care of the small ones for any longer than I have to. Popsicle is my baby from 2 years ago and he turned out just fine with the human. I spend most of my time with my mom Millie and Missy too. They are brave and fast. I don’t know why Millie likes the human, I really don’t.

I will occasionally go up to the human if she has super yummy snacks, or if she rounds me up with everyone for hoof trims and shots, or the kidding pens. I love being pregnant, I just really don’t want to take care of the kid if someone else will do it for me. I am marked just like Millie, except I have horns. The human continues to hope that I will warm up to her, I’m just absolutely not interested. It’s not that I am mean, I just have no inkling to cuddle or spend time with the humans.

Ok… Gotta run. The human is returning.