E8998 Frosty Acres Itty Bitty DTK
AKA "Pumpkin"

Hey there! I’m Pumpkin. Another one of the special goats on the farm like Annie.

Last year I was headbutted really hard by another goat, who then got moved to a different farm. She was much bigger than me, and hurt my hip and leg pretty badly. My mom was worried that I would never be able to use the leg again. She took care of me and gave me pain meds. There was even a time where she thought I’d be heading to the big pasture in the sky.

But just like mom I’m super stubborn and strong. I literally started walking on it the day she called the vet to come out and arrange the trip. I can run and play and everything. I am super excited to announce that the vet cleared me to be bred this year. So far so good! I’m still using my back leg and I’m not even limping!

Mom calls me her little orange miracle… whatever that means. All I know is I get extra loves and belly scratches whenever mom does chores. I know she’s worried but I’m just happy as can be. I am no longer at the bottom of the pecking order and no one really tries to hit me anymore. Louise tried the other day and mom yelled at her… she fainted… it was so funny.

Anyway, I also go out to do petting zoos because I’m pretty docile and quiet. I was super tiny when I was born but have grown into myself pretty well. Here’s hoping that everything goes well with my kid this year and that I can share more adventures as the year goes on. Sponsor me for the updates!!