Hiya! My name is Popsicle! Yes, I have been told that is a silly name for an oreo looking goat. But it is perfect for me! You see my momma, Reba, had me outside when it was really really cold out. I don’t know why. There were lots of inside places to have babies. Mom says momma isn’t very smart. Anyway, it was really really cold, and I yelled for help. My mom came and picked me off of the ground. For some reason it was very sticky and hard to do. But she put me in her coat, ran inside, gave me to dad, and ran back outside to catch my momma. 

Dad had the really hard job of making me warm again. First he put me in a nice warm bath and gave me a rub down. Then he put this warm blowy thing on me. Dad actually gave me my name. He says I was as cold as a popsicle when he got me from mom. 

Mom did eventually catch my momma. My momma really doesn’t like mom, even though she brings the best treats and snacks! I don’t understand because I love mom and give her kisses all the time. I jump up and tap her with my feet when I want a kiss, and I have to have at least 3 kisses a day. Anyway, momma fed me and took care of me for like a week and then decided she didn’t want me anymore. Which was really sad, but mom fed me and loves me for me. 

I go on all the trips and talk to all of the new people! I love getting snacks, and actually like the ice cream cones more than the snacks inside. Moo is my bestest friend ever! We go everywhere together! We even fight over who loves mom more. I usually win. But Moo wins when it comes to dad. I have to say dad is pretty awesome too! He really is! Not only did he make me warm but he also brings us the big food! And he makes sure to pet me! Mom says he’s my human but Moo says he’s her’s, which is ok by me! I love mom mostest anyway.

I am told that you guys out there are pretty cool! I am just an overstuffed oreo cookie. I cannot have babies, cuz I’m a boy. And mom had my boy bits removed when I was little because I got sick, and won’t get big enough. But that’s ok, that just means my only job is to look cute for you guys! If you watch mom’s tiktoks you’ll see me a lot! It is so much fun! So if you guys are interested in sponsoring me please let mom know! You will get updates from me about life, and all the interesting things going on! Love you guys already! *kisses*