F6286 Little House on 38 Louise CGL
AKA "Louise"

Hello Everyone! I’m Louise! One half of the dynamic duo that is Thelma and Louise here on the farm! You’ll definitely be able to tell the difference between my sister and I. I have a brown shirt and white pants, while my sister has a black shirt and white pants. But we both have a glorious set of horns and cute little beards. Horns and beards are not just for the boys… us girls can rock them too!

Anyway, you won’t find me far from my sister at any given time. I think it kind of annoys her sometimes but she can just get over it. I also will follow my mom around, she’s pretty awesome. She actually adopted my sister and I when we were very little! Our momma had 4 of us as a first time mom and wasn’t able to take care of all of us. And in case you haven’t picked up on it our mom really likes bottle babies. We would actually go to work with her during the Christmas season so that shoppers at TSC could cuddle us and we could make them happy. 

Mom uses me as a example that horned goats are not mean or scary. They are just a way we use to protect ourselves. Plus mom says they make great handles when we get a little rambunctous. I do tend to get super happy and throw my head around. I’m not tippy top but I’m pretty high on the pecking order. My sister is higher than me and will occasionally pick on me (she’s just a little bigger), but mom always comes to the rescue. 

I think I’ll always be her little baby. My son is actually Alfie, who got to stay this year. I’m glad my mom decided to hand raise him, because I know he got the same love I did when I was little. I was a little sad when he got sick but I know my mom knows how to fix most things.

Anyway I hope you’ll get to come visit soon. Just bring some animal crackers when you do!