E7272 Wells Radiant Blue R11
AKA "Blue"

Hello. My name is Blue. I am four years old this year. This will be my 3rd set of kids. I usually have a single blue kid, which my mom absolutely loves. Apparently, my kids find their homes first usually. Mainly because I am an amazing momma and my kids are the most beautiful! I’m not biased, it is the truth.

I am not the most friendly girl in the herd. Why would I be? I’m the princess. I always check to see if mom has treats. I prefer bananas and peppers, but will eat animal crackers as well. You have to splurge on your diet occasionally. I have champions in my bloodline so I have to hold myself to a higher standard.

I spend a lot of time eating greens, hay, and grass. I’ll accept only a few types of grain. I am a little picky. But as royalty why wouldn’t I want the best?  I really don’t mind pets, and if mom catches me I’ll stand still. But I’m not going to just let her touch me. She’s more of a servant than a mom anyway. I do check on her daily though, just in case she brought me a snack. And I do let her pet me after I’ve had my babies. She does a really good job making sure I’m happy all the time, even if that means no touchy. 

She is quite useful though. Last year I decided to jump out of my kidding pen and managed to faint halfway over. She came and put me upright, but then put me back in my stall I just left! I couldn’t believe it. Then she had the audacity to say that it was my fault that we got moved back out to our barn rather than the big one! She said I kept jumping out too much! How many times is too many! I needed a break from the baby! UGH!

Anyway, she’s not bad. I just don’t think she understands I’m in charge. Oh well. But she did mention that if I get sponsored, you get to name the next baby. Plus I get more snacks of my choosing. I would really like some bananas and peppers please. *See mom I can be polite*