D9272 WP Abounding Mercy WP1
AKA "Mercy"

Hello. I’m Mercy.

I’m probably the quietest of the goats on the farm. And my mom says I have the biggest bone set. I think that’s a good thing. I usually hang towards the middle of the pack and mom has to hunt for me. But that is ok. 

I am the only myo that mom milks. I will just stand and chew my cud or eat out of the snack bucket in the middle of the field and mom will come up and take a little milk from me so that she can mix it with the bottle baby formula. I don’t mind. I usually have a few kids of my own to feed but I like helping the other babies. And will take any baby mom gives me if it needs helped or cleaned or whatever. 

I am really just laid back. I don’t really like my feet messed with but otherwise I’m pretty ok with anything mom does. Even my yearly shots and blood draw. I do enjoy making mom work to catch me, but once she touches me I’ll stand there and ask her why it took her so long. 

I am also the most photogenic goat out here. My mom says my pattern is the prettiest right next to Missy. I don’t think Missy is that pretty, but she’s pretty fun to run from mom with.  She even taught me how not to faint when I run!

Well if you guys have questions please let mom or me know. I’m sure I can figure out this typing thing, I’m pretty smart. Talk to you all soon!