D6339 North Dakota Dreamin' Millie EA1
AKA "Millie"

Hello, I’m Millie. It is nice to meet you. I am one of the older girls here. I will turn 8 in Feburary, and I was born on a leap year. Mom says that’s pretty cool, apparently. I don’t know. I just know that I moved here about 4 years ago and my mom has been pretty cool since.  I have had a few kids since being here and mom says that next year might be my last year of having kids. She doesn’t want to stress me out, but I love being a mom so I’ll probably do it without permission.

Reba was my first kid I had here.  She is less of a fan of people than I am, but she is also the highest fainting level so everything scares her. She has made me a grandma twice, one of my grandkids Popsicle is still here. Occasionally I help her with her kids, but mostly I deal with my own. My mom says I produce the biggest boned kids out of the group. I think that means the best.

Anyway, my son Copper from last year went to be a breeding buck for my mom’s sister in law, whatever that is.  I think that means that he left to go have girls of his own, which is really cool. I really don’t mind people as long as they bring snacks, and I will stand to have my pregnant belly scratched. I got sick 2 years ago and had mastitis. Luckily I survived but all the medicine was really hard on my udder. It all still works but if I have twins or triplets my mom will usually take at least one to make it easier on me. Plus, I’m old… or so she says.

Well it was nice to meet you but I think I have to run. Mom is bringing out the afternoon snacks and I don’t want to miss it.