E6889 Naughty Goat Acres Okie
AKA "Okie"

Hello! My name is Okie! It is a pleasure to meet everyone! 

I am the main man in our herd. My mom says I am her heart goat! I know she loves me most, even during rut when I’m slightly aromatic, she’ll still give me scratches and love. I am a very well behaved boy, mom doesn’t put up with crap from no one. Just ask Alfie. I am mostly low key, and will stop whatever I am doing to check to see if mom has cookies.

I am registered and could go to shows, but who has the time for that when I look this amazing all the time! Plus, I’m not a huge fan of baths. But every spring, after it warms up, mom insists that I have a good scrub down. I’m pretty good, I do voice my displeasure but I don’t move. Mom’s never hurt me so I know the bath won’t kill me, but it takes a long time to smell this good and then she ruins it. 

Oh well, but this year I will be the dad of most of the kids born. Alfie gets a few girls, but mostly they are mine. I’m never mean to anyone and will take a lot of flack from the girls and young buck, but I am still in charge and know when to throw my weight. 

But mostly I’m a momma’s boy. Mom says I’m supposed to get collected this year, so that other girls can have my babies too. I don’t know what that entails but I’m pretty excited about new girls! Mom also said that I’ll be getting a new buck friend to play rough with this upcoming year if we can get moved. My toes are crossed!

It was nice to meet you all! If you have any questions please contact my mom. Thanks!