Hello Amazing People!

I’m Cookie and it is GREAT to meet you! I am a myo/dairy cross. My mom was actually the goat that started all of this. Her name was Silky. But funny enough she didn’t want to raise me only my sister. I think it was because she was getting old and crazy. But my human mom is awesome and decided to bottle raise me and keep me as hers! I am very very thankful!

My mom calls me unique because I’m a bottle baby that doesn’t depend on humans. Plus my coat has a smiley face on one side. 🙂 I will always check to see what my mom is up to. And if she has snacks I try to keep them all for myself, because honestly I deserve them. I am after all farm royalty! Mom calls me bossy just like my goat mom.  I guess it’s genetic.

I have the cutest kids, their ears are never the same, and they grow so much faster than the other kids. Plus they are a lot more colorful than some of these others. Mom thinks that it is the dairy genetics that throws the fun colors.

But yeah that’s me. If you guys want to send some snacks I don’t have to share my way that would be AWESOME! I really appreciate it.