Cheshire Moon Farms Penelope
AKA "Penelope"

Hey there. I’m Penelope. Mom occasionally calls me Neloper… I have no idea why. I think she thinks it is cute. I just really let her do her thing. I’m Annie’s first kid. My mom was impressed with me from the time I arrived. I was my mom’s buddy after she got sick my first year. Luckily she survived and I’m able to hang out with her every year from now til forever. 

I am very much my momma’s girl. You won’t ever see me too far from her. I do love my human mom though. She always has the best snacks. I actually think I am the only one here who prefers the alfalfa pellets to other snacks. But I do love marshmallows too, occasionally mom will hide a pill in there but I don’t mind. I’m pretty low key. I do like mom booping me and occasionally she’ll point her finger at me and I’ll boop myself just to make her laugh.

I had my first set of twins last year. My mom was really impressed. And momma loved being a grandma. She even helped watch them when we got out of the kidding barn. I am super excited for this year, I love being a mom. And my mom says I’m really good at it. Super attentive, maybe a little too much. I do tend to stomp at her if she messes with my babies too long. I understand they are cute lady but come on let me have my baby back. Geesh.

Anyway, I’m sure you guys want to know all the details so get a hold of mom. She’ll fill you in.