(aka Flopsy)

HI! My name is Moo. Well, it was originally Flopsy, but you see my baaher is kinda broken. So instead of sounding like and actual goat… I tend to sound like a really mad calf. It’s raspy and horse, but mom loves it and loves me. 

I am the token dairy goat in the herd. I am technically a grade Nubian, which means my dad was a registered Nubian with ADGA and my momma wasn’t. Mom didn’t have me registered, because she didn’t see herself showing me in the ring. Even with me being this beautiful! Can you believe it?! 

Anyway, I was born in Feburary of 2022. I will probably finish growing in 2024 to 2025. I’m not going to be huge, but I’ll probably be the biggest one here. Which will be awesome! Because right now I’m still one of the bottom goats on the totem pole. Even the short goats are mean to me! But when I get bigger I bet I’ll be the boss… well maybe not of Cookie but I can dream.

This year I’ll have my first kids, and honestly I’m super excited! I was bottle raised so my mom taught me to be a great mom. And I love everyone, so I’ll love my babies even more. Mom hopes I just have one, but she hasn’t ultrasounded me (whatever that means) yet to count the babies.

Anywho, if you are interested in sponsoring me you get to pick baby names, and I get extra animal crackers and maybe a few cheezits… Plus, you get updates of my life from me! That includes all the travels and new people I meet when we go places! I’ll even get to tell you about all the trouble I get into! (Apparently, mom thinks it is a lot… She fell down the other day and I stood on her chest to make sure she was still breathing and got yelled at and shoved off! Seriously?! I just wanted to make sure she wasn’t dead or something.

But if you have any questions about me or my friends please contact my mom. She knows all the stuffs including the snacks. Ok I love you guys already! Talk to you soon!