F6287 Naughty Goat Acres Jinx CGL
AKA "Jinx"

Hi. I’m Jinx. I’m the newest doe to the farm. Mom picked me up earlier this year. I am the shyest of the group but I’m slowly getting used to mom and love it when she scratches my nose a little. 

I am just over a year old right now, and am the only gold goat in the group. Mom says I’m super special. My ears are not correct for show so I wasn’t able to go to a show home. Instead my other mom called my current mom to ask if she wanted me. My mom jumped at the chance. She came right over with a crate in the back of a truck. But before she even put me in she wanted to make sure I didn’t get sick so she wrapped my ears tight in a bandana. I looked pretty stylish, and occasionally I’ll steal a bandana from my mom to see if she’ll do it again.

I get pushed around a lot by the big girls but Precious and Popsicle are my two best friends. I can safely stay by them and not worry about being headbutted. I’m probably not going to have a kid this year, which is ok mom says. Gives me time to keep growing. I’m a little faster growing than the other goats here. I’m already as big as some of the 2 year olds. Mom is very excited to see how I keep growing. And she hopes for little blonde and gold babies someday. 

I’m still coming into myself mom says. So I’ll probably have fun updates as the year goes on. If you have any spare crackers that you want to share please send them my way. Thank you! <3