In Rememberance Of Cupcake

On December 11, 2023 Cupcake crossed over the rainbow bridge. She had given birth in May of 2023 to twin boys. She decided shortly after their birth that she wanted me to raise them. She had never done this before, so she was immediately checked over and given antibiotics. Unfortunately, she never gained back her weight or zeal fully. 

She never acted sick, and was given extra snacks daily. But given her advanced age and her inability to kick whatever was holding her back from gaining weight, she crossed the rainbow bridge. She was given a proper burial, and as so many loved animals before her a cross was made in her memory.

Thank you to all who shared in her many adventures. She will continue on in spirit here at the farm. And her cross, along with Yukon’s, will go up in the barn once we have fully relocated.


Greetings everyone. My name is Cupcake. I’m the only Boer goat on the farm! I moved up to Iowa when mom moved from Louisiana in 2017. Which makes me almost 7 right now. I was a gift, well a project really, that was given to my mom while she was in Louisiana. I was a quad born to an older goat, and I was quite sick when I was little. It has affected my size, and well most everything since I was little. It was called polio or something, all I know is I was really sick for a really long time and I still am not perfect. But mom loves me just the way I am.

I didn’t have a whole bunch of babies over my lifetime. Maybe 4 or 5 total. Mom doesn’t really expect me to have kids, just be happy for while I’m here. I think she calls me a “lawn ornament” or something like that. I have had quite a few adventures with mom and even got to live in the house for a few months when I came from Louisiana. 

Today I spend my days eating and chilling out with mom. I don’t know how long I’ll stick around, but mom is trying to keep weight on me in my old age. I’m glad she tries so hard, but I’m older and my body is not in the best shape. But that is ok. I’ll enjoy my time with mom as long as I can.