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About Us

Raising sheep that shed, goats that fall over, and bringing joy to as many people as we can along the way.

We have been in the goat and sheep industry for over 15 years.

Hi! I’m Elise. I am the owner and operator at Cheshire Moon Farms alongside my husband, Cameron. I run the animal part of the farm and Cam fixes everything the animals and I manage to break. 

We run about 12 head of Katahdin ewes with 2 ram options depending on if they are being bred for commercial production or our show circuit. 

We run about 26 head of purebred Myotonic goats. We currently have one senior buck and a junior buck as well. There are both pet and show animals bred and sold. We do have winter and spring kids available yearly.

We also have a menagerie of other animals for production and our petting zoo as well.  We have 2 shetland sheep for wool. 15 Chickens for eggs and chick production. Our horse prince will also be joining our petting zoo lineup as well.

Our Herd Sires

Naughty Goat Acres Oakie



Cheshire Moon Farms Alfonzo