E7271 Legendary Acres Angela Ann R11
AKA "Annie"


I’m Annie. I know I may look and walk a little funny. But I’m a really nice goat, really I am. A few years ago, just after I had Penelope I got into some moldy Fescue hay. It made me sick. My mom worked for a very long time to make sure I would be ok. Lots of vet visits later, my front right hoof fell off. Yes you heard that correctly. My foot came off right above my hoof!

My mom quickly wrapped my leg, once she got over the horror of finding my foot randomly in the barn. She then called the vet. The vet gave me a few shots, and I got better. I still don’t have a hoof on that leg, so it is a little shorter and I have a bit of a hitch in my giddy up. But it has never slowed me down. I am actually faster than any of the other goats and mom has a really hard time catching me to trim my other hooves. 

It is actually apparently really funny to my dad who stands and watches my mom try to bribe me closer and run after me. I like making him and other people laugh. Although I don’t really mind the hoof trimming, I just think it’s fun to make my mom run after me and fall over. Just like MJ, I really don’t faint much. Which is also a good thing for me.

Mom gave me a few years to recover not letting me get pregnant. But this year I slipped in with Okie, and I’m doing ok pregnant. Mom is so happy that I’m ok. But she was ok with letting me be a pasture ornament for all my days. I just really like being a mom. Mom hopes I’ll be ok once I have my baby too, but I know I will because mom is always there to help.

Mom says she’s tried to get me a prosthetic or new foot… but it’s super expensive (OVER $1800) and as long as I’m not uncomfortable she says she’ll keep helping me along. Maybe someday I can get a new foot, but until then I’m pretty fabulous as is.

If you have any questions please let me know! I love talking to people. And I know me bouncing when I walk does scare some people, but really I’m quite fine. You should watch how fast I can run from mom.